My favorite blog, currently: myownprivatememories

  • simple
  • no effort involved(which is how i like it and how it should be)
  • goes to nice looking places
  • wears nice clothes
  • just simple documentation or what she does and whats happening around her

I don’t really reblog but this is just so cute! thank-you!

A few drops of homelessness are drifting in my blood, I think.

Anonymous: any good poem books in English ?

ahh not really.. there must be english versions of go eun’s, hermann hesse’s, baudelaire’s.. well, when a language is translated, it loses its true pure deep meanings though.. I prefer Korean poem/essay and that’s what I usually read..! OH TUPAC’S ‘the rose that grew from concrete’! it’s originally written in English ;)

Anonymous: I'm half korean and I used to feel really insecure about being Asian in the west because of all the stereotypes but since I discovered your blog I'm starting to feel pride about my heritage, thank you!

EMBRACE YOUR ROOTS, HONEY! I really think every single race and culture itself are so beautiful but since like 2 years ago, I’ve been really into asian cultures and beauty. Not just that I’m Korean, the language is so scientific and the culture’s based on manner and etiquette.. and Korean art is about beautiful simpleness, minimalism which I admire! And since then, I find asian guys most gorgeous and attractive too hehe. :)

cloud-watcher: a lot of the stuff you write in korean is just above my comprehension level without having to look up words here and there haha but reading it... i don't know why but it reminds me of the things my mom has written that i've read. for some reason it has a poetic feel to it. idk how to explain. it's like how "don't weaken" isn't the same as "약해지지마" you know? that's a poem book my mom has on the coffee table back home

Awh I like to imagine how a poem book is on the coffee table and your mum reads it, sipping coffee! I like to write in a poetic/philosophical way and consider choices of words when I write. I wish my English were just as good as my Korean!

Anonymous: recommended hk places? c:

life cafe restaurants&bar, veggie SF, Red(roof top bar at IFC mall), knutsford terrace, any pub in Lan kwai fong, Luk yu tea house, wong chi kei, Lyndhurst Terrace, pastis, California vintage, barista jam, 208 duesento otto, i never knew the name of my favorite one but it’s right nearby lomography gallery store in sheung wan. down the street from the store.. it’s a black building that has a terrace and like an open kitchen down at the end around by the corner, where i used to go for tuna salad and white wine! that tuna salad there is so good. AND sing heung yuen! it’s like an outdoor restaurant on a not that clean street. very very old and so interesting. you should try lemon honey chrispy chrispy, tomato&beef with instant noodle and dong lai cha(milk tea)! i couldn’t finish them but it was a good try and experience!

Anonymous: as a first timer in korea, i really wanna go to gigs and underground shows the question is how do i get the tickets to get in? lol im going alone and i dont know any koreans and my korean is limited. heard you can buy ticks online but i cant :/ is there like buy ticket at door system?

Nahh you buy tix for underground gigs at the door! maybe you have to get some big gigs’ online but i’m talking about chill and casual ones that usually happen almost every weekends!

Anonymous: have you ever been to japan? if yes, could you do some recommendations of places to visit like in your seoul post? it was super informative and i really like your taste ^_^

Unfortunately, I haven’t been to Japan.. Sozz.. I know of Seoul well because I’ve lived there! and also Hong Kong.. :)

Anonymous: can you recommend me places to visit in seoul..? :)

Hey! Um, too many! ok, here you go. have a great time here!

Cafes :
1. Anthracite roasters(in hongdae)
2. Cafe hibi(in Hongdae)
3. 무대륙Mu dae ruk (in Hongdae. add; hapjeong-dong 357-7)
4.Mk2(nearby gyungbok-palace station)
5. bricklane(both in Sinsa-dong and itaewon)
6. ways of seeing (itaewon)
7. Hackney(itaewon)

restaurants :
1. paper garden(sinsa-dong)
2. bonjour hawaii(hongdae)
3. cabin by a.native
4. mo jain song
5. 시금치sigeumchi(korean home-meal. in Hongdae. add: mapo-gu, seo gyo-dong, 402-11)
6. grand bleu(itaewon)
7. modern babsang(modern korean cuisine. add:sinsa-dong 545-20)
8. basque(in sinsa-dong)

bakery - frank(in itaewon)

clubs/pubs - cakeshop, mystik, ping pong pub, berlin.. they’re all in itaewon.

for underground indie bands’ gigs on weekend : strange fruit, rolling hall.. all in Hongdae..

shopping :
1. brown breath(in hongdae)
2. this is never that(in hongdae)
3. kud(in sinsa)
4. gentle monster(in hongdae)…

if you need more lists, feel free to ask any time!