A few drops of homelessness are drifting in my blood, I think.

Anonymous: would you date a 16 year old?

practically, nah. maybe in 10 years! haha age really doesn’t matter but I tend to be only attracted to older guys! men are like wine.

일어났더니 어젯밤에 친한 친구로부터 문자가 와있었다. 어제 센치했고 한 잔 했나부다. 잠자느라 문자를 아침에서야 본게 계속 마음에 걸렸다. friends in seoul keep telling me to come back or come over to seoul saying they miss me. not that i don’t miss them nor our friendship isn’t important but i just love being in the nature staying away from all these kind of things happening out there. life is happier this way! if you want to see me, come over HERE!

Joel’s so sick. he’s 10 years older than me but so young at heart, smart, so weird and hilarious, far from insecure and surface. I like how his talking’s straight up espesh when he likes something. such a shame he’s moving to Korea from Canada when I’n moving to Canada from Korea.

Anonymous: any good poem books in English ?

ahh not really.. there must be english versions of go eun’s, hermann hesse’s, baudelaire’s.. well, when the language is translated, it loses its true pure deep meanings though.. I prefer Korean poem/essay and that’s what I usually read..! OH TUPAC’S ‘the rose that grew from concrete’! it’s originally written in English ;)

Anonymous: I'm half korean and I used to feel really insecure about being Asian in the west because of all the stereotypes but since I discovered your blog I'm starting to feel pride about my heritage, thank you!

EMBRACE YOUR ROOTS, HONEY! I really think every single race and culture itself are so beautiful but since like 2 years ago, I’m really into asian cultures and beauty. Not just that I’m Korean, the language is so scientific and the culture’s based on manner and etiquette.. and Korean art is about beautiful simpleness, minimalism which I admire! And since then, I find asian guys most gorgeous and attractive too hehe. :)

cloud-watcher: a lot of the stuff you write in korean is just above my comprehension level without having to look up words here and there haha but reading it... i don't know why but it reminds me of the things my mom has written that i've read. for some reason it has a poetic feel to it. idk how to explain. it's like how "don't weaken" isn't the same as "약해지지마" you know? that's a poem book my mom has on the coffee table back home

Awh I like to imagine how a poem book is on the coffee table and your mum reads it, sipping coffee! I like to write in a poetic/philosophical way and consider choices of words when I write. I wish my English were just as good as my Korean!